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The CUVANA E-Cigar

The premium CUVANA® disposable electronic cigar arrives ready to use, and contains NO NICOTINE, no tobacco or tar and produces no smoke. The CUVANA disposable electronic cigar comes in our signature Cuban flavor (exclusive to CUVANA) with a fully charged, high quality battery and patented smart-chip technology. We offer the MOST AFFORDABLE e-cigar currently available. 


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The E-Cigar Lifestyle

No Ash, No Problems: How E-Cigars Eliminate one of the Biggest Hassles of Traditional Cigars

Cigars, though enjoyable, are certainly not without their drawbacks. Aside from health consequences, one of the bigge...

CUVANA E-Cigars and Patios: A Match Made in Heaven

Smoking a high-quality E-cigar is a very peaceful and relaxing activity. By the same token, spending a little time ou...

Going to a Cigar Lounge with an E-Cigar

One of the many joys of cigar smoking is going to cigar lounges. Here, fellow cigar enthusiasts can meet up, relax, w...
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