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Going to a Cigar Lounge with an E-Cigar

Going to a Cigar Lounge with an E-CigarOne of the many joys of cigar smoking is going to cigar lounges. Here, fellow cigar enthusiasts can meet up, relax, watch television, and enjoy their favorite cigars. But what about bringing an E-cigar to a cigar lounge? If you would like to enjoy your favorite electronic cigar at your favorite cigar lounge, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Reactions May Vary

There’s no real way to predict what kind of a response you’ll get from your buddies at the cigar lounge if you show up with an E-cigar. Some may be genuinely impressed and curious to learn more. Others may have heard of E-cigars before and may even have a few of their own, while there is also certainly the chance that you’ll get a few odd looks. Either way, an E-cigar at a cigar lounge is sure to be a great conversation starter.

Don’t Forget the Business Owner

Remember that the owners of a cigar lounge stay in business by selling their products. While there certainly isn’t any rule that you have to buy something every time you visit a cigar lounge, you might ruffle a few feathers if you keep showing up with an E-cigar without ever buying anything from the cigar lounge owner. Keep the lounge owner happy by buying something from them from time to time; remember, it pays to be in good standing with the owner of any establishment that you frequent.


Bringing an electronic cigar to a cigar lounge may be a bold move, but chances are you’re a bold person. If you can pull it off with confidence while at the same time keeping the owner happy, cigar lounges certainly have the potential to be one of your favorite places to enjoy an E-cigar.

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