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The CUVANA E-Cigar

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Customer Feedback

These are great cigars. I use them when I cant go outside due to weather. I like the feel in my mouth and the taste. 

Bob Wood

I bought these for my husband. He could not believe how realistic they are. He absolutely loves them!! As fabulous as they are, - perfect!!

Anne Benedetto

The first E-anything I've ever tried and after trying several others they can not even hold a candle to the CUVANA. The flavor is strong and tasteful and the smell is just as good, you'll never smell better after a smoke!

Al Coleman, III

The best e-cigar I have tried. Great cigar flavor and amazing vapor. I have tried most of the competitors, they are not a match to Cuvana. This product is amazing. I couldn't believe it was a e-cigar.


The finest disposable electronic cigar available.

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