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"As a cigar enthusiast and a cigar lover, I was interested in finding a way to take the technology that we have utilized in that growing industry of electronic cigarettes and the electronic vapor industry and put together not just a store and a selection of electronic cigars but a community. And, is a place where people can come to be introduced and get comprehensive information about this exciting new product. is proud to feature the CUVANA. It’s one of the newest and most advanced electronic vapor cigars on the market, and it’s the one that we thought stood out, and that we would present as the first electronic cigar on I found it to be sensational compared to a traditional cigar.

The CUVANA comes in a 10 pack and your choice of a counter display or gift box, or as an individual electronic cigar. They’re packed real well in a really nice case. Even in a plastic wrapper and from a few feet away, you really have a hard time even telling it apart from a real cigar.

One of the things that we really liked about the CUVANA electronic cigar was the look and the feel of it. It has a very similar look and feel to a tobacco cigar, with a realistic LED flame tip.

You don’t have to charge the battery. You simply open the box and you puff on it and enjoy the electronic cigar experience.

The CUVANA electronic cigar comes in different nicotine strengths. There is an 18 milligram that is a very full flavor with a very nice throat hit, and then it also comes in a medium (12mg) and a zero (0mg).

The zero without any nicotine for people that aren’t interested in nicotine but still want to get the sensation of the cigar experience. We tried the 12 milligram and the 18 milligram, we noticed that the more nicotine the higher the amount, the stronger the flavor.

For somebody that’s interested in trying the CUVANA electronic cigar, these 2 options give you a great start. You can buy a single electronic cigar in the different nicotine strengths of your choice, and then you can also buy it in the 10 count so you can give one to your friends to enjoy as well.

As the electronic cigar technology continues to evolve and additional options come out, we’re going to be bringing you all the latest news and information, and keeping you up to date on the world of electronic cigars."


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