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"Premium" Matters When It Comes to the CUVANA Electronic Cigar

Premium Electronic Cigar

The definition of the word "premium" means that there’s extra benefit, including above and beyond the norm. In other words, when you purchase premium, you’re getting a better product than just a run-of-the-mill model.

Therefore, when you buy the CUVANA Electronic Cigar, you can be assured that you’re purchasing the best electronic cigar available. The entire feel and texture of the CUVANA are very realistic, and at first, it’s difficult to tell whether the CUVANA is a real Cuban cigar or not. It has the heft and feel of the real thing, and the flavor is so realistic you will be amazed.

The CUVANA is a premium product simply because of the care and forethought that has gone into its construction. It comes fully charged and ready for use. It has no tobacco or dangerous tobacco smoke. There is no tar or carcinogens, second-hand smoke or unhealthy byproducts.

When you open the very distinguished box, you take out the cellophane wrapped CUVANA and only puff on it because it is ready to use. The realistic LED "flame" tip glows, and the vapor is exceptionally realistic.

The draw is very smooth and medium bodied as you enjoy the exceptional Cuban-like flavor which is exclusive to the CUVANA brand. The technology of the nicotine-vapor device is finely tuned and carefully designed to always provide the same superior effect and quality of your smoking experience.

The CUVANA has three distinct levels of nicotine to satisfy different tastes of the consumer. The 18mg level of nicotine has a very nice throat hit with a full-bodied flavor that you would expect. A 12mg level is available which provides a medium nicotine hit, but with a rich flavor as well. Then there is a level of zero mg of nicotine for those who are not at all interested in nicotine involvement.

Finally, the premium CUVANA is built to last with its shelf life of 2+ years and its 1800-puff capacity. Once you try a CUVANA, your search for a premium electronic cigar will come to a triumphant end.

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