CUVANA Electronic Cigar

CUVANA Electronic Cigar

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The original disposable e-cigar, enjoyed by people all over the world! With the look, feel, and sensation of your favorite cigar, you will have a hard time telling the difference. The CUVANA is the most technologically advanced, simple and easy to use disposable e-cigar available. With a 2+ year shelf life and 1,800 puff capacity, this truly is a must have for any cigar lover.

The CUVANA e-cigar produces a smoke-like water vapor and has NO tar, tobacco, ash, odor, fire, carcinogens, or second hand smoke! Each CUVANA comes with a fully charged premium state of the art battery and patented smart chip technology. Use your CUVANA disposable e-cigar in the car, boat, home, office, clubhouse, restaurants, and just about anywhere you want!

Open the box, puff normally, and ENJOY!

  • Signature Cuban flavor
  • 1,800 puff capacity
  • 2+ year shelf life
  • Ring size 46-48
  • 18mg, 12mg, or 0mg nicotine content
  • Authentic hand rolled look and feel
  • Realistic LED flame tip
  • 100% disposable / No battery to charge
  • Use almost anywhere!


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