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Cuvana Electronic Cigars Are Perfect For The Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2017

Imagine yourself sitting there in a premium seat at the Super Bowl, enjoying the game and hopefully the halftime show while puffing away at a cigar - wouldn’t that be great? But there’s a catch – it is becoming harder and harder these days to just light up whenever and wherever you want with smoking bans in effect.

E-cigarettes offer a solution for cigarette smokers to “light up” without having to worry about their own health so much or others around them, but cigar aficionados have mostly been left out. Until now.

The Cuvana E-Cigar brings a whole new take on the experience of smoking a cigar - no need to keep it in a humidor, no tar, no carcinogens, no secondhand smoke, and no need to worry about having to ash. It looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigar without any of the drawbacks. The Cuvana produces a smoke-like water vapor rather than actual smoke, allowing you the opportunity to pretty much use it wherever you want. The Cuvana is a disposable product, but lasts significantly longer than a traditional cigar and doesn’t lose its fresh taste if you let it go out. There’s no fire involved, so you can safely use it in settings where smoking would otherwise be prohibited, but the Cuvana does include an LED tip for a convincing cigar look.

A tobacco cigar comes with carcinogens, plus it only burns for so long. If you lit one up at the Super Bowl, it would likely disturb those around you due to all of the smoke even if you somehow manage to not get thrown out of the stadium for smoking. Just because you are a cigar aficionado doesn’t mean that everyone around you also is, and at public sporting events, you really should take other people into consideration. With the Cuvana E-Cigar, you can enjoy that experience of “smoking” a cigar without disturbing others around you. And because the Cuvana is good for 1800 puffs, you can sit there for the duration of the Super Bowl vaping on this amazing cigar the whole time. Even if you could get away with lighting up an actual cigar at the game, it certainly wouldn’t last you that long, making the Cuvana the perfect companion at the Super Bowl. Besides, you don’t want to miss a potential big play during the game, do you?

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