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Cuvana Electronic Cigars Are Perfect For The Super Bowl

Imagine yourself sitting there in a premium seat at the Super Bowl, enjoying the game and hopefully the halftime sho...

Give the Gift of an E-Cigar this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the time of year when everyone starts scrambling to find the perfect gift for...

How CUVANA E-Cigars are Helping Smokers Everywhere

We read a study recently that was published in the journal Tobacco Control which estimated that vaping could save the...

What Does a CUVANA E-Cigar Taste Like?

By far the easiest way to describe the flavor a CUVANA E-cigar is to compare it to the high-quality Cuban cigars that...

No Ash, No Problems: How E-Cigars Eliminate one of the Biggest Hassles of Traditional Cigars

Cigars, though enjoyable, are certainly not without their drawbacks. Aside from health consequences, one of the bigge...

3 Reasons for Cigar Smokers to Try E-Cigars

Now that electronic cigarettes are on everyone’s lips, will e-cigars be the next big thing? E-cigars, or electric ci...
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