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Electronic Cigars for Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

The Cuvana Electronic Cigar is a perfect addition to your next bachelor or bachelorette party. There’s no better gift to spice up the evening than a delicious, guilt-free Cuban cigar. Whether you’re treating the entire party to the high life, or simply making the bride or groom feel special with a thoughtful gift, you can’t go wrong with Cuvana e-cigars for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Electronic Cigars for Bachelor/Bachelorette PartiesCuvana E-Cigars have the unmistakable taste of a traditional Cuban cigar, without the undesirable tar, carcinogens and secondhand smoke. The sensation is exactly the same as a traditional cigar, and will leave you wondering why you didn’t make the switch years ago. 

With a 1,800 puff capacity, you can rely on Cuvana E-Cigars to last for the entire bachelor or bachelorette party and far beyond. There’s no need to gather up the gang to shiver outside in the cold for a smoke break. Unlike traditional cigars, these can be enjoyed inside restaurants and bars. There’s no time to waste on your special night, so they’re ready to puff straight out of the box with no annoying setup or manuals. The battery even comes fully charged.

Cuvana E-Cigars will give you a taste of the high life at your next bachelor or bachelorette party. They're sure to be a hit with all the guests, and will make your night unforgettable. The unforgettable flavor will stay with you long after your bachelor or bachelorette party. 

It’s your special night, so live it up with Cuvana e-cigars!

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