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A Golf Course Companion: The CUVANA E-Cigar

With the recent stigma associated with all forms of smoking, golfers have started switching over to electronic cigars when they are playing a round or two. Here are a few of the reasons that electronic cigars have grown in popularity with golfers everywhere.

The Original Cuvana Electronic Cigar

The Cuvana Electronic Cigar is one of the original products of this type. They contain no tobacco, no tar, and produces no smoke, only vapor. It has the flavor, look, and feel of a Cuban cigar and is disposable with up to 1800 puffs. You can choose different nicotine levels to suit your taste as well.

Cigar Smoking Problems

Smoking in public has become taboo in many places including the golf course. Many people do not want to be around the smoke produced by traditional cigars or the smell that they have. Electronic cigars produce no smoke, only vapor, which has next to no smell. This is more convenient and less intrusive to those around you.

Cigars and Golf

A Golf Course Companion: The CUVANA E-CigarCigar smoking at golfing events was extremely popular in the 1990's but has slowly declined in popularity more recently. Famous golfers were often seen smoking a cigar while shooting a round of golf. These two hobbies went hand in hand. Now that many people consider cigars and the smoke they produce as intrusive, even outside on the golf course, many cigar smoking golfers have begun switching over to enjoying electronic cigars as an alternative.

Benefits of an Electronic Cigar
Having no flame, you will never have to worry about putting holes in your clothes or your rented golf cart. Many golf courses have added rules banning the use of cigars while playing. Using an electronic cigarette is considerate and more polite to those golfers around you. Many clubhouses are now offering electronic cigars instead of real ones so players can enjoy the benefits of cigar smoking.

A Better Alternative

Even though laws have banned cigarette and cigar smoking inside, many clubhouses will allow electronic devices to be used inside when they stop in for a drink or a game of cards. This is because there is no second hand smoke to worry about or strong smells produced by these products.

Smoking has become less acceptable in the world, and the golf world no different. If you want to continue enjoying cigars out on the golf course, look into purchasing an electronic cigar like the Cuvana Electronic Cigar. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of cigar smoking without bothering those around you.

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