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No Ash, No Problems: How E-Cigars Eliminate one of the Biggest Hassles of Traditional Cigars

Cigars, though enjoyable, are certainly not without their drawbacks. Aside from health consequences, one of the biggest drawbacks of smoking cigars is dealing with the ash.

E-Cigar No AshCigars produce a lot of ash, much more so than cigarettes, and more ash means more chances for you to ruin your favorite shirt or pair of jeans. Even if you do manage to avoid getting hot ash on anything you care about, you’ve still got to have somewhere to put it, meaning you’ll have to have a pretty sizable ash tray handy whenever you decide to enjoy a cigar.

The truth is, that ash is a hassle. Thankfully, it’s one that E-cigars eliminate. With E-cigars, you can enjoy the flavor and feel of a quality cigar anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about leaving a mess behind.

There’s a lot of reasons why a person might choose to switch from cigars to electronic cigars, and not having to deal with ash is just one of them. However, it can be a pretty big one if you grow tired of ruining your clothes, furniture, and even burning yourself. With E-cigars, there’s no ash and no problems.

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