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Giving a CUVANA E-Cigar as a Gift

For years, cigars have been a go-to gift, so much so that they’ve become an iconic present for bachelor parties, new fathers, and more. In addition to this tradition, there’s a lot to like about giving cigars as a gift. They’re unique enough to be thoughtful, affordable enough to be convenient, and classic enough to convey that air of sophistication that is desirable in a great gift.

What about a disposable electronic cigar as a gift, though? Is it able to meet all of these same qualifications that make cigars such a classic gift? We think the answer is a resounding yes!

The Benefits of Giving an E-Cigar as a Gift

All of the same reasons that cigars make great gifts apply to E-cigars as well. However, E-cigars come with a couple of unique advantages of their own. For one, E-cigars are more permanent than a regular cigar. Once the recipient of your gift smokes a regular cigar, if they choose to do so, it’s gone. With E-cigars, though, even after they have run out, the cigar itself is still there, serving as a nice memento if they want to keep it.

E-cigars also have a nice, modern touch that can really set your gift apart. They walk the line between being a timeless classic and piece of modern technology, making them an excellent gift for the person who appreciates both.

For these reasons in addition to all the other advantages our CUVANA electronic cigar has over regular cigars (no foul smell, no ash, no harmful smoke, and so on), giving a CUVANA E-cigar as a gift is an excellent choice for you to consider.

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