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A Vaper's Valentine's Day Gift: CUVANA E-CIGAR

Valentines Day 2017

Yep, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us already, and no doubt that you might have been procrastinating to no end on figuring out what to get that special someone in your life. If they enjoy vaping, an e-cigar would be a great gift alongside all of those chocolates and roses that you have probably already thought about - cigars, after all, are made from the finest tobaccos and an e-cigar simulates that experience without any tobacco, tar, or smoke. The Cuvana tastes like a fine Cuban, without all of the carcinogens or the odor.

Quite simply, it’s a great gift for anyone who enjoys cigars or vaping because it has all of the advantages of a cigar without any of the drawbacks. Think about how much your beloved would enjoy this unique gift on Valentine’s Day - it’s also good for up to two years, so even if they don’t actually get around to enjoying it this Valentine’s Day, it’s not going to go stale anytime soon.

The Cuvana E-Cigar looks and feels almost exactly like a real tobacco cigar, but comes without any of the drawbacks. There’s no fire, it is good for up to 1800 puffs without developing a stale taste if you light it and set it aside, and of course there’s no tar or smoke. Instead, it’s a disposable electronic “smoking” product that produces a distinct cigar-flavored vapor and even has an LED end that glows to simulate the burning end of a real cigar. Your beloved can light it up anywhere without offending anyone with noxious smoke, and there’s absolutely no need for a humidor or a cigar cutter for the optimal cigar experience. It’s convenient too, because it can be carried anywhere and won’t stink up clothing or the room when enjoyed. 

Roses and chocolates are great, if a little predictable as a gift. The Cuvana would be a great addition to all of these things, so there’s no reason to choose between an e-cigar and dark chocolate - you can always give both, because the Cuvana comes at a great price that makes it perfect to throw in with other gifts. At $29.00, it’s cheaper than many fine tobacco cigars too (the Cuvana lasts roughly as long as ten cigars, even though it is disposable). And while perhaps the person that you’d be gifting a Cuvana to is new to the world of e-cigars, you can rest assured that this is one of the best options out there in terms of customer satisfaction - it looks, tastes, and feels the closest to a real cigar compared to all of the other available options out there.

So if your beloved is already a vaper or if they enjoy ordinary cigars, consider getting them a Cuvana this Valentine’s Day.

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As of 3/25/24 we are anticipating a 14 day delay in order processing. If an order is placed it will be processed as soon as possible.


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