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Benefits of Not Having To Worry About Ash, Odor, or Congestion after Using an E-Cigar

E-cigars are able to give you the cigar experience

With the advent of e-cigarettes and e-cigars, people have been using this new technology a lot more. Like the personal computer stepped up the ability to program and perform tasks a thousand-fold from paper format and storage, so e-cigars are able to give you the cigar experience, flavor, and deep satisfaction, while also saving you a bundle on clean-up, odor removal, and particle congestion in the lungs. 

No Ash Removal
Ash is one of the primary by products of smoking cigars and cigarettes. Chain smokers often have multiple ash trays around the house and outdoor workspace, all of which are filled with ash. The accidental spilling of small amounts of ash can turn into a three or four hour clean up job, and the ash in the air provides even greater congestion for hours and even days afterward. This congestion can be reborn again and again whenever the ash is stirred up during cleaning.

No Odor Removal
Since e-cigars use vaping, which is the vaporization of a flavored liquid (which may or may not contain nicotine), there is almost no odor. This is unlike smoking cigarettes, which involve a smell so distinguishable that anyone can tell that you have been out smoking, even for less than an hour. Using e-cigars is also helpful because your home is not infused with the smell of smoking, which can lower the value of your home by as much as 60%. When thinking about the cost of owning a home, the cost of selling it or of the next generation being able to reasonably sell it is enormous. In addition to this, your dates or significant others will not be disgusted by the permanent odor which accompanies you wherever you go. E-cigars are almost entirely odorless, which makes for a much pleasanter experience for the non-smoking public, as well as your private life.

No Rampant Congestion
Lung and breathing congestion, more than anything, is a progressive situation. The layers of build-up, the tiny layers of breathing constriction, come on so slowly and so steadily that it is hard to notice, especially while it is happening. Such small changes to our bodies and to our lifestyles seem to sneak up on us in such a way that it does not seem real. E-cigars, however, allow your lungs to stay more hydrated, with less build up, and thus remain healthier for a much longer period of time.

If you have not taken e-cigars seriously before, know that both nicotine and non-nicotine versions are available, and that both are highly enjoyable! 

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