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Do E-Cigars Make You Look Cool or Silly?

Vaping, in and of itself, is becoming a more accepted and even "hip" trend by the day. A cool e-cigarette and a thick cloud of creamy vapor have a certain attitude about them, but what happens when the cool e-cig is an e-cigar?

E-cigars may not yet enjoy the level of popularity that other types of mods do, but in the end, that's really all it is. Does an e-cigar make you look cool or silly? It depends on a few things.

Electronic Cigars are CoolFirst, are you vaping with friends or by yourself? Groups of fellow vapers are typically interested and curious about each-other's vaping devices. Your friends also know your personality and should recognize that an e-cigar is your personal style. Even if you still feel a little self-conscious, remember that you'll blend in more in a group and you'll look more relaxed and confident. Things like that can only make you look cool. 

Next, do your friends still smoke regular cigars? Just like any e-cig or MOD, there are reduced - and even zero - nicotine flavors for e-cigars. In fact, most of the time you can use the very same juice with an e-cigar as you can with any tank, cartridge, or cartomizer-based vape mod. 

If you've recently switched to an e-cigar to try to wean off traditional cigarettes or even cigars, you might get a few chuckles at first but there are ways to get the guys to take you more seriously. The simplest way is to be careful about the flavors you choose. If your e-cigar still smells like a cigar, it will make you look far less silly than if you opt for something chocolatey or sweet. Choose your flavor wisely and cool is in the cards for you.

Finally, is an e-cigar really your style? If you’re new to vaping and don't hang around with other cigar smokers, you might want to look at a few e-cigarette styles before settling on an e-cigar.

No matter who you are, though, using an e-cigar can make a bold statement about your personal style. What's cool or silly depends a lot more on that, than your choice in vaping accessories.

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